Audible manager - 'device specific error'

I’ve just been given a Sansa Fuze, so wanted to download some books.  I’ve added Sansa Fuxze to my list of devices and Audible Manager is reading that it’s connected, but when I try to download 9in format 4) I get the message that it failed to transfer and there is a Device Specific Error.

I searched for information about this, but can’t find anything. Would be grateful for assistance

ETA  I’m using Windows XP

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You must connect the Fuze in MTP Mode , and first authorize the device, using the Audible Manager.

Do you have Windows Media Player 10 or later installed? WiMP 10 or 11 is needed for MTP support.

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The device is authorised with Audible and it shows it is reading it when I connect. I’m in MTP mode. I had WiMP10, but upgraded it to 11 last night just in case, but even so am still getting the same message that there is a device specific error

In the Audible Manager, click on Check For Updates, and install the Sansa / SanDisk digital players plugin, at least be sure it’s installed from the list.  The “nuclear option” may be the hot ticket as a last resort: be sure to have backup copies of your music first.

On the player, format the device using Settings > System Settings > Format > Yes. Remember, this will erase all media from the device, so have backups first.

Lastly, reauthorize the Sansa using the Audible Manager, and transfer your audiobooks!  The Fuze accepts Formats 4 and Enhanced only; the more compressed formats don’t work with the latest firmwares.  Format 4 has a very clean sound, but my personal favorite choice is format 3, which doesn’t run on the Fuze, unfortunately.  (It does on my little e280.)

Formatting the device forces a synchronization of the secure clock, part of the DRM system, which just might be your issue here.

Let me know how it goes!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Well, I tried this whole process twice and it has worked.

Many thanks for your help.

I really want to share that app ‘audible audiobook converter’ with you. Really great! Via that, I customzie my audible audiobook according to my demand. Otherwise, I can manage my audible audiobook by artist or album.

I use an Audible audiobook converter to change the format to MP3 when I met this problem.  Then these MP3 audiobooks can be imported to any device and player. Even it doesn’t support AA/AAX formats. Hope it can help.


To convert Audible AA books to MP3, I have been using AudKit Audible to MP3 Converter for a long time. The conversion speed is close to 100X that only takes 1 sec to convert a 10-hour-audiobook. Now the Audible MP3 books are playable without the Audible app.