SanzaFuze+ and

I just purchased the SanzaFuze+ 4gb and I tried to connect it to the audible manager only to find out this particular mp3 player is not a compatible device?!  What the he…do I do now?  Am I missing something?  Thanks for any info anyone can provide.  This is REALLY FRUSTRATING. 

I use the Fuze+ with with no problems.  Contact Audible customer service.  I imagine they will resolve it easier than Sandisk.

Thank you jasonbrunelle…I’ll call them now!

Probably just need to set your player to MTP mode for the DRM-crippled Audible files.

The problem might have an even easier solution than that.  Open the Audible Manager, and click on Check For Updates.

You need the latest Sansa / SanDisk Digital Players Plugin.  If you have already done so previously, go ahead and check the SanDisk box and reinstall it.

Let me know if you can then authorize the device.  It should then accept books in Format 4 and Enhanced versions.


If you have the old version of Audible Manager, Fuze+ wont work. Update it

I had purchased a 8gb, and had the same problem until I updated my Windows Media Player which added support

for MTP mode.

To transfer audible files, Fuze+ needs to be detected as an mtp device and needs to have the updated version of audible manager.

Audible Books are great on the Fuze+.  In fact, it’s a new experience compared against the previous platform.

First off, there are a few limitations, as there are with the earlier Clip and Clip+, plus the earlier Fuze: Audible Format 4 and Enhanced are the only formats supported.  For the uninitiated, the bit rate is higher for these formats.  A fan of audiobooks, I have used the e280 for several years as my book workhorse.  I like Format 3 for its compact size, and reasonable fidelity for speech.  This format takes up half the space of the latter format 4. But I digress.

The DRM system used with Audible is a unique one, in that files loaded in the e280, in the microSD card, will also play in the Fuze+.  Previously, under the WMDRM type system, if I loaded a card for the e280, those files would not play on its sister, the Fuze, or the Clip+, even though I had Format 4 media for many titles.  On the Fuze+, the device is smarter; it recognizes that the file is shared from the same Audible Manager client, and the files play- it’s nice.

The Fuze+ platform requires that you do install the latest plugin for the Audible Manager. I’m spoiled, prefering the MTP platform , as it automates many functions, so when I switched to the Fuze+ everything was already optimal for the device.

I do use MSC on occasion with test equipment, and to keep things from being too boring, music is the hot ticket.  Thus, I have many albums ripped and transferred in MSC, plus a handful of microSD cards I filled up for the slotMusic player.  (That wee beastie will still be running after nuclear war, it’s a little bulldog of a player.) 

Ever since I started using the Fuze+ for Audible, I’ve found myself carrying the device about quite often.  The touch control and display are great for browsing the book collection.

Well, there is one thing to get used to: audiobooks are found under Podcasts on the Fuze+.  The first time you try to find your book, this may be a major hurdle!  It’s a little strange, as the books used to be listed under Music.  On the Fuze+, sweep over to Podcasts, then one tap at the center, then sweep over to audiobooks.  The Fuze+ will remember if you were in the audiobooks section the next time you use the device, incidentally.  Under Podcasts, the album art displayed will be from your book.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: