Fuze won't sync books from Audible.

I have  several Audible Books which I have downloaded to Windows Media Player. This is the first time that I have tried to sync the books ( some in 2 or 3 parts) to the Fuze.  The books have synced to Creative MP3 player and play without problems. 

The Fuze shows up in my media area at the bottom of the left column. When I move the book that I want into the right pane and sync - the sync light in the lower right whirls and the list shows " preparing to sync - sync complete"   But when I I look at the screen on my fuze it shows " empty" under songs, artists, genre. If I try to re- sync it says “already on device”

Somehere I read that the file extension may be different in books than in music.  I might add that the music loads and plays well.Someone told me that books sometimes have a different file extension.  Audible merely says " Format 4"

Can you help??  Very basic terms please. I am a dumb blond over 60 years old.

Under Music, look in Audiobooks.

Check this KB. It should help you out.


Audible have made some changes recently, since the Clip Zip was released.  I haven’t tried with the original Fuze platform, but try the following.  First, you will need the Audible Manager application for this task, available from Audible.  This is the application used for your downloads.

You can use the Audible Download Manager, alternatively, to authorize your Fuze for Audible books.  Check this link regarding the download manager.  Once the Fuze is authorized, a special license file is loaded on the device.  You can transfer books from Windows Media Player or the Audible Manager mentioned here.  Audible lets you use which ever method is most convenient for you.  I personally prefer using the Audible Manager, as it has many controls in addition to transfer-only with Windows Media Player.

In either method, your books will be located under Audiobooks when using the original Fuze.  Go to Music > Audiobooks to find your Audible books.  With the new Fuze+, Audible has a separate section under Books.

If you are going to use the Audible Manager, you will need the latest update.  If you download the Audible Manager (this is a different application than the Download Manager, which is a basic application meant for users whowould simply like to use Windows Media Player for transfer.

Here is the process for using the Audible Manager, should this be your choice.  The Audible Manager lets you see exactly where you are within a book when the device is plugged in to recharge, so you can listen from the right spot, very nice if you are in the middle of a chapter and the Sansa runs out of juice.  You can also bookmark your favorite books, placing multiple little flags at those important sections if desired.

For the Audible Manager:

Click on Help > Check For Updates and find the SanDisk Digital Players Plugin. If your Manager software is not up to date, this will also show at the top of the list.

Open the Audible Manager and plug in your Fuze.  Then authorize the device for transfers.  To move a book to the device, simply highlight the book, and click on Add To Device.  You can still, if desired, use Windows Media Player to make transfers, as your Audible titles will also appear under Playlists > Audible.  I like that there are many methods that work, depending upon your preference.  Just be sure to authorize the player, and look under the correct location, depending upon which Fuze you have.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: