I am a new Fuze user purchased because I want to install audiobooks.   There is a file set up on the device (4G) for Audiobooks but I cannot seem to get the book to install there!  Somehow, it lodges itself in MUSIC!  

  1. I attach FUZE to tower thru USB cable.

  2. I insert audiobook CD in tower tray

  3. Windows Media Play opens.

  4. I ‘rip’ to library

  5. I ‘sync’ to device 

  6. I search for the tracks I just ‘installed’ and finally find them in MUSIC!  

  7. I ALSO found EVERY PHOTO ON MY ‘D’ DRIVE ON THE DEVICE and EVERY SONG/ALBUM IN WINDOWS MEDIA PLAY ON THE DEVICE!!!  It took me almost the entire evening to delete!!!

WHAT HAPPENED ???  I’m pretty sure that it is ‘operator error’ but I need step-by-step guidance!

There is NO place for me to add AUDIOBOOKS to Windows Media Play in GENRE.  Is there?

Thank you, in advance, for your able assistance!

Those ‘audiobooks’ mean Audible’s audiobooks (and Overdrive, a DRM system many libraries used that allows people to borrow books ‘digitally’), not mp3 files (even if it is ripped from audiobook CD).  You might want to read this.

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Don’t sync with Windows Media Player. Use Windows Explorer(right click on start, click on explore) to drag and drop files or folders of files to the player’s audiobooks folder. I am assuming the files aren’t protected. For protected files, use Windows Media Player and MTP mode for the transfer, but don’t sync, just transfer those files.

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Don’t sync with Windows Media Player. Use Windows Explorer(right click on start, click on explore) to drag and drop files or folders of files to the player’s audiobooks folder.

Didn’t notice that. It actually works out quite well for mp3 files. I stand corrected. What I said only applied to audiobooks bought from Audible or borrowed by Overdrive (both are DRM’ed).

Hey, you’re one step away from happiness with WiMP:

Plug in your Fuze again.  Click on the BOTTOM of the Sync tab at the top of the screen.

From the drop down menu, select Sansa Fuze - Internal Memory , then move over to Set Up Sync.

Two columns will show up.  Click on each item, ON THE RIGHT, and remove them from the list.  The ones you want to remove are ALL MUSIC, ALL VIDEO, and things like “old tv shows I saw in 1973” and such, or “5 star rated”.

Then, the scary part.

Press Sync in the lower right again!  WiMP will pull everything unwanted from your Fuze.

Remember, WiMP was engineered to behave like a child, I think.  It will make a mess, left on its own, until you tell it to clean the crayons from the floor.  From that point, it works fine.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

I did that.  It certainly was faster to put onto the device, HOWEVER, the tracks STILL landed in MUSIC and not in AUDIOBOOKS, even though I dragged them to the AUDIOBOOKS FOLDER!

What happens now if I put the next CD on the device?  Will the tracks be overwritten?

Start over. Make sure Windows media Player is set to rip to mp3 files.

THANK YOU for all the answers.

I DO still have to ‘rip’ in Windows Media Play, then sync, and the tracks still wind up in MUSIC, but they are in a folder under the author’s name.  I can move that folder to AUDIOBOOKS from my desktop computer window!  That folder does contain all the tracks from that cd.

I MUST remember to go back to Windows Media Play and delete what’d I’d just ‘ripped’ and ‘sync’ed’ or I’ll have an error!  I also must delete the folderwith the author’s name in MUSIC in FUZE for the same reason.

After sync’ing is complete and before disconnecting the device from desktop, I find and open my FUZE and there, in MUSIC, is a new folder with the author’s name. I ‘rename’ that folder adding the number of the disk to the name of the book so that it doesn’t overwrite the tracks already installed.  This sets up these NEW tracks in their own sub-folder!  I must allow the time it takes to transfer ALL tracks to the new sub-folder in the author’s folder in AUDIOBOOKS!  Lack of patience is my downfalll!

I repeat the above sequence and, VOILA!, we have ‘lift off’ !!

Hi …

Just borrowed from library 3 mp3 cd’s audiobooks! Windows Media Player doesn’t want to ‘rip’ … and i DO have it set for mp3.  msg says:  insert cd in drive.  it IS in the drive!!! any suggestions?