Novice with file transfer


Sorry but am a old complete novice at all this. I just bought my wife a Sansa Fuze so she can listen to audio books. The only instructions that came were on a card (use WMP11 etc)

We have now installed this player but do not have a clue how to transfer the files to the Fuze

We downloaded a audiobook (14 chapters) WMA files from the library as a test to our PC.

And have messed about with the media player for 2 days with no idea at all what we are doing.

Can anyone with patience offer any advise/help or assistance on how we can copy these files to the MP3 player before we send the sansa back. Please !



The Big Question is where you got the Audiobook. If you used a Service like Audible you need to use something like Windows media player to transfer the files. If you got them from a CD or a free service then you can simply open “My Computer” then Double click on the player, and find the Audiobooks folder, then find the Audio book Files, and copy and paste them to the audiobooks folder on the player.


Thanks for the reply. I am trying to use WMP 11 to write these encrypted WMA audio files as per library instructions. But nothing we do works can anyone help? Is there a Sansa help desk? No contact details came with this MP3 player

Thanks again


But first: Under Settings/USB Mode, change it to MTP. That’s the mode to connect with Windows Media Player. Open WMP, connect the Fuze and it should be detected. Then transfer the files via WMP. 

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Have you tried downloading audiobooks from - It is supported by libraries all over the world and has its own overdrive media console for transferring books to your mp3 player. very simple…after downloading book just right click on the book (with mp3 player attached to computer via USB cable) and click on transfer.  Follow directions from their and voila all done.