Need help please. Have successfully (i thought) downloaded audiobook on Fuze player. when i try to play it, i get pink screen that says Connect to your p.c. to listen to audiobook.

is there something else i need to do? i dragged and dropped after downloading from


No worries!

Download and install the Audible Managerhere.  Then, once loaded, click on updates (under Help).  Click on the SanDisk Digital Players plugin, and install it.

Then plug in your Sansa.

Once it shows up, click on Add Device.

Then log in to Audible , go to your Library, and download your book.  As a member, you can download any book you have chosen, in any desired format.  They will keep track of your books for you.  Yes, it’s quite different from something like iTunes, as you can reload your books till the cows come home.  And you can authorize three devices per account too.

Your book will show up in the center pane, highlight it and you can play it directly, with multiple bookmarks if you wish.

With your Sansa plugged in, simply click Add to Device.

Now here’s the really cool part.  If you have a µSD card installed on the Sansa, you can transfer to Internal or External memory.  Next time you open the Audible Manager, note that if you have listened to part of your book, as you mouse over the book in the bottom pane, your current playback point will display (the bookmark on the Sansa).

This will allow you to resume listening from the Manager directly, as when the Sansa is plugged in for a recharge.

To transfer Audible books, you need to ahve your Fuze in MTP mode (or Auto Detect), and Windows Media Player 10 or 11 must be installed on your PC.

Should you run into any problems, please feel free to post here!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

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Of course, that only works if you used Audible to GET the books. Did you use that or Overdrive Media Console?

Thanks Bob, you were a great help!  It was very much appreciated. 


I am stll having a issue finidng hte audio book I downloaded on my Fuse. I am using the tool and I have updated my firmware on my fuze. If I borwse the Fuze from my PC I can see the files are on the Fuze. Where exactly do I go to play them now?

Not sure if you meant  I don’t use Audible, but books should be under the Music->Audiobooks submenu if the Fuze recognizes them as audiobooks.  If they’re not under Audiobooks, you can play them through Folder browsing (Music->Folders submenu) which will emulate the folder structure of the Fuze as seen by a PC, but there’s some Audiobook features/behavior that may be missing.

There are many sources of audio books, many using audio in their domain name.  Currently, I see no “” expressly for audio books.  Give us a little more information on your audio book source, then we can figure out where the problem may be.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Side comment:

I recently joined on a trial basis.

I did my download, activated my device, transferred the “aa” file to the Fuze microSD and could not get it to play.  I later added it to the Fuze internal memory and all was well.  Audible tech help was not much help- lots of silence on their end- sounded like it may be outsourced to Pakistan or similar.

Overall the process does not seem all that streamlined to an average first-time user.  Given the membership costs and cost of individual copy-protected files, I opted to cancel the membership.  I wonder why this amazon-based service gets so involved with copy-protected files versus amazon mp3 download where what you get is a real mp3 file.

I have  subscribed to Audible for 8-9 years - and was one of their charter members.  I download 2 books a month - and have enjoyed the service more than I can say!   My ‘sit down and read’ time hardly exists - so having an excellent actor/actress ‘read’ to me while I drive, do housework, hobbies, etc, is a real pleasure.  I have always had excellent help from Audible’s techs and service staff.  In the past, I have had to request that they ‘roll over’ my book credits, because I was out of town and missed downloading my books.  They were happy to do so - although ‘officially’ I wasn’t supposed to be able to do If you  though I think their policy has changed now.   In all the years I have ‘listened’, only once did I have a problem with a book section that ‘skipped’.  It was a glitch on Audible’s downloading process - and they cleared it up within a few hours, then advised me to download that section again - and I  had no further problems.  I always try to choose unabridged LENGTHY books - so I can spread out my enjoyment until time for me to download more titles the next month.  Every subject is available - from fiction to the Wall Street Journal read to you daily.  It’s a great service.  Give it another try!

I should mention that I have listened to Audible books on my HP iPAQ, Palm TX and the Sansa Fuse.  All worked quite well.  I really liked the TX’s ability to download books or sections with WiFi.  The iPAQ probably would have done that too - but it ‘died’ before I had the chance to try Audible Air.

It just seemed a bit complcated to get up to speed.  Like anything, once you know the ropes, it’s probably very simple.  Plus, I just like the simplicity of mp3 and don’t really like the copy-protected files when I’m paying full retail.  I downloaded one tune from iTunes years ago and when I saw that I had paid the same price as amazon mp3 for a copy-protected file, I left and never looked back. 

At this point, another $15 a month, every month,  is not what I need,.  It would preferable to downoad at will ala carte.  I’m a bit of a cheapskate now that I have a family and fixed budget.  I normally buy used books, CD’s etc instead of new…so Audible and Kindle are not great options for me for budget reasons as well.

They do have quite a selection though.