How to transfer the audio book to the Fuze?

Ok, I am still trying to do this. I have a audio bible mp3 format. I was told to download the MP3tag,which I

did. I was able to view all the files. The question is how do I get this info onto the Fuze? Do I have to go back

to windows media player?

MP3Tag is useful to add or change tags on the files, but it’s not for transfer. To transfer files (songs, audiobooks, podcasts, etc) onto the Fuze, open two Windows Explorer windows: one pointing to the Fuze, the other to the PC’s folder where the audiobooks files are. Drag&drop files into the relevant-named folders on the Fuze.

The alternative is to import the files into Windows Media Player, then get that to ‘sync’ (transfer) to the Fuze. If you like pain and suffering and much gnashing of teeth, then this is the method to use. I’ve no idea how this works.

Some others may also suggest a different media manager, like Media Monkey. Again, I don’t use it, so can’t help.

use windows media player or media monkey to sync them to your fuze

I also change the Genre to Audiobook (one word).  This puts it under Audiobook section.  You can do this in explore (right click, go to Summary tab, double click the area were the Genre is) and do several at once.  Or you can do this in WMP.