Audio books??

how you i tranfer audio books to my sansa fuze?? i a bit new to the sansa fuze…

do i use the sansa media converter or no? do i make a file in my sansa for the audio book

or will in crete one on its own? if any one can help me out id appreciate it :smiley:

You can transfer audiobooks to your Fuze using a media manager, like Windows Media Player, Winamp, or Media Monkey.

If the files are a recognized format, typically MP3 or WMA, they can simply be dragged and dropped to the Music folder.  You can also drag them to the audiobooks folder, allowing use of the audiobook / podcast functions.

If the files are prorected media (DRM) like Overdrive or NetLibrary, they need to be transferred with the Fuze in MTP mode, allowing the license to be transferred with the file.  Additionally, Overdrive media needs to be transferred using teh Overdrive Media Console.

Audible .aa format books are transferred using the Audible Manager.

The Sansa Media Converter is needed for videos and photos only.


thank you…