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Hi. I downloaded two books from my local library via Over Drive Media Console,and it worked fine…,except they went into the music section of my Fuze. I also tried using Windows Media Player,and that also went into the music section. How do I put content into the audio book section? I did browse the forum here,but if anything got more confused. Thanks for yor help.

My library uses Overdrive also. It is normal for these audiobooks to go to the music section. Just scroll down to the audiobook submenu within the music section. However, make sure the genre is audiobook.

I use WMP11 to edit the genre tag. You can select what folder you want Overdrive to download into. If you choose the same folder that WMP uses that makes it easy as pie. After Overdrive downloads it, go open up WMP. After a few minutes the book appears as if it was an album and a playlist.

Click and highlight the genre field under the title and author fields next to the cover graphic and make it audiobook.

Then you can transfer it to the Fuze.

That’s it!

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WMP and some other programs are kind of dumb and stick audiobook files right in with the music files. You could maybe find a way to get those programs to work differently so that they put audiobook files into the Audiobook folder where they should really go. Otherwise there are 2 ways to prevent audiobooks from showing up along with the music list on the Fuze.

The first (and my favorite because it’s so easy) is to not use any other software to put them on the Fuze. Just go into My Computer, double click on the Fuze icon (if it’s connected in MTP mode) or the its drive letter (if its connected in MSC mode). If in MTP mode, then double click on Internal memory (or if you want to use a memory card then double click on External memory). In MSC mode you only have to double click on the proper drive letter for internal or external.

You should then see an Audiobook folder. Double click on it and then just copy your audiobook files into that folder. The Audiobook folder is where audibook files really should be put. As long as you (manually) put the files in that folder on the Fuze then they should not show up mixed in with the music.

Now, if you let WMP (or whatever) transfer the files to the Fuze and it puts them anywhere else other than in the Audiobook folder (where they really should go)… then you should make sure the ID3 Genre tags of all the files are set as Audiobook.As long as the Genre tags are all Audiobook it doesn’t matter where the files end up being put on the Fuze. They should then only show up in the audiobooks section (and not with your music) on the Fuze.

Having to change the Genre tags is too much work for me. It’s much easier to just open up the correct folder on the Fuze and just copy the files right into it. Then it don’t matter what the Genre tag is (just as long as its the same in all the files, which it usually is when ripping or getting an audiobook). Plus, I don’t have to mess around with any other software or worry about WMP screwing things up.

And, it’s a whole lot easier to find them again later if I want to copy them back to a computer. Otherwise it takes a lot of looking around to find each of the audiobook files on the Fuze if I let them get mixed in with all the music files.

Thanks for replying. Could you exsplain more about [I use WMP11 to edit the genre tag]? Do you do this with the Over Drive  application,or with the Fuze ? Also when I open the audio book section in the music it says its empty.

Thanks I will give that a try.

That worked great. I saw nothing like that in the Fuze data base or manuel. How the heck did you figure that out?

The books were in both songs and audio books  after  I pasted and copied. I then deleted the ones in songs. This was easy enough,but is there a way to skip the songs step, or must I move the files after the initial download into the music section?

@brihen wrote:
That worked great. I saw nothing like that in the Fuze data base or manuel. How the heck did you figure that out?

Could it be too much free time to play with things? Or, maybe almost 30 years of messing with computers and electronics devices? Hmm, getting too old, don’t really remember.:smileyvery-happy:

Oh now I see. I can copy and paste from “My Docs”  to the audio books folder.


It is very easy. One has to use the Overdrive software to download from the library to your pc yes? Well, just have the default download location be the same location that Windows Media Player uses to store items you rip to your pc. After doing the download you open WMP. It will take a little time to see the new files and will have them appear within the albums, artist catagories.

With WMP open and you look in your library at the album, you should see a genre such as fiction, science fiction, non-fiction etc. If you right mouse the genre name the edit option should come up. Click on it and you should see a window surround the genre name (not unlike a rename window in Windows) type in audiobook as one word and press enter. All the files in this “album” should now have the audiobook tagged for it’s genre.

Transfer the book/album to the Fuze.

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That sounds good,but how do you " just have the default download location be the same location that Windows Media Player uses to store items you rip to your pc".?Do you change it on Over Drive somehow?

With the Overdrive window open, go to the Tools menu tab…then choose options… you will find that you can choose to change the default file download location there.

With WMP11 window open go to Library menu tab…choose more options…choose the rip music tab…you will find that you can change the default file ripping/save location there.

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Thanks,That should work. Ill give it a try. Great help on this forum.