Audible book downloads

I was able to download a book from my library but the book went into the MUSIC area…there is no AUDIBLES menu to choose from so is this where all BOOKS go to …in with your songs ??  When I do Settings some of the stuff is grayed out.  Can I change the GENRE to get the book into Audibooks section of settings or should it just remain with my songs ???

It is one of the worst bugs. Audio books work differently than songs. Try the ff function on each to find out. Better to move the download to the audiobook section on the fuze. While you can change the genra to AUDIOBOOK, it is easier to clean up the memory on the FUZE later if the book is not mixed in with the songs. Put it in the audio book folder.

I really dont know how to put the book in an audiobook file !

Check out this post on Audiobooks from jakewoodblues It might resolve your problem. 

Did you use the Audible Manager to put the book on your device?  It should add the files directly to the Audible folder on the Fuze, and then they are accessible from the Audiobooks submenu of Music.

If you want them in the internal memory, open Explore.  From your D drive, drag and drop them into the Audiobook folder.

If you’re using WMP and/or want them in your External drive (the little card–which means you must use WMP), then you need to change the Genre to Audiobook, and it has to be typed the same way as in the Fuze (no S at the end, one word).  Right click on the mp3 in your Expore, choose, Add to Sync and then Sync (choose Internal or External before syncing).

I was able to drag and drop them…not sure how I did it but it is now in my AUdiobook area on the fuze !  Yea !!!

This happens to me, too.  I do have audible books in my menu, but when I download it goes into music.  How do I get it into the audiobooks?  Also, it downloads the chapters out of order, so when when chapter is finished, it doesn’t go to the next chapter but skips ahead, so I have to stop it and find the correct chapter…how do I put them in sequence?

I believe all these problems can be “solved” by using the correct ID3 tags (applied with a program like MP3tag).

For my (mp3) audiobooks I use ‘Speech’ as genre, and tag the tracknumber as discnumber and tracknumber (i.e. 0101, 0102, …, 0201 etc) without ‘/’ or ‘of’ in the numbers (so no ‘1/100’ or ‘1 of 100’).

This works very well for me, showing the books in the ‘Audiobooks’ menu and playing the tracks in order.

So it might be a little bit of effort to get it done, but it’s no rocket surgery and the results are worth it.