SMC not working

Hi All,

Downloaded the latest version. Installed fine. able to add video files. can preview them on the bottom left pane. Problems…

  1. cannot advance preview using slider bar.

  2. cannot trim the file via the 2 Xs (think they are grayed out). 

  3. most importantly cannot CONVERT the file; the command button is grayed out. Only buttons available are Add file (video) and Delete (video).

Any help appreciated.


Alternative to SMC.  With latest firmware (1.01.15) you can use Rhapsody to convert your videos to the Fuze.

Just saw other thread. I have Win2k SP3. Does Rhapsody support my OS? thanks sansafix.

Did you tried changing your Fuze to MSC mode?  Since you have older OS, MTP mode won’t work correctly.  To change to MSC mode, go to Systems Settings, then select USB Mode.

sansawat: Media Converter requires MTP mode, as does Rhapsody.

MTP mode? I will try that tonight. Have been runing MSC from the get-go. Thanks, RomZ.

I am a relatively new Fuze user and not tech oriented in the least! I have to say that SMC is a pain in the tush. It is NOT user friendly at all. The first couple of times I attempted to use it - and I read every thing in the instructions & forum I could as I was doing it- I was so frustrated I thought about taking the Fuze back.

When you say that you can run video through Rhapsody, are you referring to video clips only or movies - like DVD? I am sure this question will cause the more knowledgable to laugh! Since I have decided that I despise the SMC, it would be nice if I could convert DVDs via Rhapsody.

You cant rip DVDs using Rhapsody

Many problems related to the Sansa Media Converter reside in missing codecs.  In the case with DVDs and AVI video, Quicktime has some tools that the SMC likes.  Install Quicktime on your PC, and this may indeed help.

To transfer video, here’s an earlier postwith some helpful information.

I convert DVDs with the linked application, and sometimes “massage” troublesome files with AnyVideoConverter if one of the VOB files does not work on the Fuze.  The conversion process with the AVC application takes about 30 minutes for a multiple-pass job, but the files play beautifully.

Be sure to have the latest version 4.236 of the SMC.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

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