SMC doesn't accept files

I’ve got a problem converting Videos with Sansa Media Converter. When I try to add a file with the button or with drag&drop, it analyses the file, stays at 0% (while analysing, not converting) and freezes completely. (I’ll post a screenshot later I’m at work atm). I tried different codecs like divx/avi, mpeg, flc etc in different sizes but it wont accept it. Some months ago it worked fine. I tried to uninstall it and clean the registry (with Your Uninstaller 2008) and re-installed it but it still doesnt work. My mp3 player is a Sansa 280 (v2) with 8gb + 2gb memory.

I didnt find anyone with the same problem I hope you can help me. And sorry for my bad english^^

The Screenshot:

When I drag a file in the window it just freezes.

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