Sansa Media Converter "fails to write" onto player.

Before, I had no problem with SMC. It converted and wrote all my .avi videos without a hassle, albeit with some audio/video sync issues (not a major concern).

Now SMC converts the .avi video successfully, but doesn’t write it to my player. I have already tried converting the .avi videos to .mov (the only video format that works on my player) and drag-dropping it into the Video Folder. But, alas, the message " Please use Sansa Media Converter" pops up when I try to play it on the Sansa Player. In response, I tried adding the .mov video to the player using the SMC. Again the conversion bar completes, and again the second bar stops a little ways to the end, the “fails to write” message popping up as a result. This even happens to videos that I had previously added successfully to my player before, but had to delete due to shrinking memory.

I already reinstalled Sanda Media Converter 2 times, yet this problem still presists.

Device: SanDisk Sansa e260 4GB Black MP3 Media Player

I am at wits end with trying to solve this problem on my own, so I apologize in advance if I didn’t describe my situation clearly enough (brain-fried).

Have you tried changing the USB mode and attempting it again? I use MSC mode and have not had any issues.