Media Conversion Issues/Question

Like a lot of other people, I have issues converting video using the SMC tool.  Also, like a lot of other people, I guess I will just have to live with it as there do not seem to be real answers to the problem.

  1. Audio sync problem

Forum info:  try other software, it will fix the problem or maybe it won’t.  Try using MPEG4, sync’ing problems never happen that way, but sometimes it will.

  1. Without the device connected (Sansa e260) I cannot convert file (although the documentation says I can convert to the temp folder)

Forum info:  could not find any help at all

  1. At the very end of the conversion process, the software locks up.  This happens quite frequently.

Is there anyplace that I can get definitive answers?

Which version of SMC do you have? If it’s not 4.220, try upgrading to the latest one from

I converted MP4 files to MOV ones successfully using SMC but the MOV files don’t play on my computer using QuickTime or on the player itself!

I can’t seem to get the media converter to detect my sansa

What kind of player are you using and what version of SMC?

You CANNOT use SMC unless the player is connected. Silly, I know. But that’s the way they built the software.

(Try Arcsoft’s media converter.)

Audio sync issues seem to be the bitrates of the original files- I have issues mostly with AVI files. Try converting them using something else first (any video converter) then converting them with SMC.

Good luck- it’s still hit or miss for me.

I have not been able to convert photos to my Sansa MP3 player with Sansa Media Converter.  I followed all the steps.  But the conversion was failed every time I tried.  Please advise!  Thank you!     Aileen