Vid/sound ouf of sync... Sansa Media converter problem!!!

I’ve been reading alot of posts about this problem of the sound and video being out of sync after 10 mins. I have the same problem. However, after close examination, I have found the problem to be the Sansa Media converter, not the player itself.
Every movie I have converted (even 20 min long TV shows) have this out-of-sync issue with the sound.

I played these files back on my computer through QuickTime, and lo-and-behold, on my PC, the sound goes out of sync that exact same time and place as it does on my e280R.

I fast-foward, rewind, and replay these videos on my e280R, and the out-of-sync issue doesnt change location or duration (usually it will change when doing this process, if there is indeed a hardware issue of not being able to keep up with the video/sound).

Is there a known issue with the SMC about this? I’ve tried the conversions on my desktop and laptop, with the exact same results.

How would I fix this? Is there an alternate program to convert files to the nasty quicktime format that I can test my theory with?


Same problem with me. It is concerning that there are so many queries without any satisfactory fix. I have tried the codec fix without any improvement.

This is  a problem with SMC. Other than suggesting it is a problem with codecs (ie implying it is my computer’s problem rather than their software), it would be helpful to have some support from Sandisk on this.

You can try Rockbox.

Some people have downloaded the K-lite codec pack, and said that fixed their problem…
I’ve found that the Arc soft converter does a better job of syncing video and audio correctly, but doesn’t always find the mp3 player, whereas the inter video one, does the exact opposite… I think the Arc Soft version is posted on somewhere, but don’t hold me to it…
You may want to download the newest version of SMC from the Sandisk website

I’ve got the latest version of SMC (downloaded it a few nights ago). I’m afraid Sandisk is pulling what the old ATI used to do. GREAT hardware, but the software is what crippled the awesome capabilities. If the only the ipod nano had FM radio =D LOL JK!

I will try the k-lite codec, arcsoft, and that rock box to see what happens. Thanks for the replies!

Ive been having the same problem. where can i get the mentioned k-lite codec,arcsoft, orrock box?

you can google the k-lite codec pack and find it, the sansa media converter can be downloaded form the SanDisk page after you register your product. and rockbox is found on, if im not mistaken

i just downloaded the k-pack lite and i dont understand what else im supposed to do. do i have to tweak the codec’s for my sansa to sync the audio/video correctly?

im still using sansa media converter, because i tried the Any Video Converter and it seems the video is very poor quality, how would i tweak it if i want a good quality vid.

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I had the same problem for some videos but not for all of them, apparently independent from the used codecs and independent from the video duration.

After a few hours trying to understand the reason, I discovered that the problematic files had a sound frequency which is no multiple of 11025Hz.

For instance, videos with 44.1kHz had no synchronisation problem in contrast to video with 48kHz!

After conversion (using for instance sharewares available in internet) the video and sound were synchronised!

I should have thought about it earlier, since I had the same problem a few years ago with a poor arcsoft Software…



I recently insatalled the k-pack lite full download and that seemed to have fixed the probelm. How would I tweak My Audio to 45Khz? If I needed tO?