videos with audio totally out of sync


I thought I simply download the latest version to get my video conversion problem

fixed, which is that the audio is TOTALLY out of sync. And I do not seem to be alone

with the problem…

As it turns out, I already HAVE the latest build (1.0 B004.256BCG) dated  with copyright -2007.

I guess this means no development and no bug fixes for a two years period.

That is truely a shame for a company with a such a good name as “SanDisk”.

@Sandisk: what are your plans to fix it?

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sansach wrote:


@Sandisk: what are your plans to fix it?


  • sansach

None, but if you browse around, you might find a way to ‘sync’ things up . . .

Like this (unfortunately the hosted screen shot images are expired, but it works. I use it.)

or this (made by a member here that is an alternative to SMC).

On my SANSA Fuze was a music video - “Mine to remember”. Even this one is significantly

out of sync.

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I used the universal converter SUPER to convert my AVI to MPEG-4, Resolution 220x176, 20 fps.

Then I used SMC. The result is quite good!

My gutt feeling is that the FPS conversion is causing the trouble. I will experiment a bit

more and post my results here …

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I only had some movies out of sync.  not all of them. 

But all little devices or converting videos can do this.  iPods also have this video-audio lag.  I convert some to play on my netbook (no cd/dvd drive) and one had the lag.  All different formats.  Not sure why or how come it happens, but it does.  And it’s not necessarily the same movie, although it can be. 

[note: I watch one video at a time on one device… my coworkers have their own dvd’s to convert, although haven’t for a while, the novelty wore off I guess]

As i know, browser is a vital reason cause the out of sync problem

So try other browser