Sansa Media Converor ERROR message. Please Help.

   Hi whenever i try to put a video in the format MP4. i try to add media and when it starts it is at 0%. Than after a while it stops and says

“the file…cannot be imported pleasse install the correct codec first. If the files can playback on your computer than sansa media convertor cannot support this format or it is corrupt:”

 what am i doing wrong?

When you downloaded the SMC, did you say “Yes” to installing Quicktime? If not, then you wont have the .mp4 encode/decoder needed for conversion. If you did, go to and see if there is a QT update. Also check to see if you have the latest SMC (currently 4.220) If you don’t have that version, download the newest one (and say yes to the QT download) from

Ok, i have gotten past this problem by using AVI videos instead of mp4.  It converts and everything HOWEVER, it “fails” to write any of my videos onto my sansa.  Im really getting annoyed and i need to get this working.  I have no idea why it fails to write on my sansa player.  Is there another way to transfer videos on to the sansa without using the Sansa Media COnvertor tool?

Yes, see the other threads titled “is there anything else to use besides sansa media converter.”  :wink:

(or variations thereof)