Converting Problems...Please help

When I try putting my video in “Sansa Media Converter” it says “this file example.mp4, cannot be imported, please install the correct codec first. If the files can play back on your computer, probably sansa media convert does not support this format, or the file is corrupted.”

Help please :slight_smile:

I just want to watch my videos

just what it says…you need a codec or the converter does not work with the format you are attempting to put on it

Try installing Quicktime. It has the mp4 codecs.

Then restart the computer.

If SMC still doesn’t work, uninstall SMC, reinstall, then restart the computer and try over.

Nah, same thing here.  Get that error no matter WHAT video, what type, encoding, format… don’t matter.  Mpeg, mp4, avi, xvid, divx, wma… always just keep getting that same error.  Any more ideas?