Shuffle feature on Clip Voice


Thanks very much for your help with this question. I just got this Clip Voice MP3 player and and am not real familiar with it yet- The online manual describes the shuffle feature, but not in too much depth.

I would appreciate your help with this question: the shuffle feature on this player is only used to shuffle all songs on the player, regardless of which playlist they are in, correct? Or can it be used to shuffle only songs in a particular playlist?

Another way to ask this is- when you are in a particular playlist, do you have the option to shuffle only within that list?

Answer will depend on how I arrange the songs as I put them in the player, which I am doing now.

Thanks very much!

Hi @Trinut,

This is to inform you that under artists, songs, playlists, and albums pressing “Shuffle List” will shuffle all songs in music library, not just the songs under specific selected category of artists, songs, playlists, or albums. In order to shuffle a single album, select one specific album title and press select, then select Shuffle List.

To play music, follow these steps:

  1. Select Music from the Main Menu.
  2. Select from the music content groupings: Shuffle List, Artists, Albums,
    Songs, sh, and Playlists.
    • Shuffle plays all content saved on the device in random order.
    • Artists shuffles artists or selects the artist’s name to show their songs.
    • Albums shuffles songs from all albums or enables scrolling to find desired
    Albums. Once selected, the album songs will be listed.
    • Songs provides a list to select a song title, which are shown in alphabetical
    • Playlists lists all song titles of content for playlist or GoList groups that
    have been created.

Hope it helps!!

Yes, this helps. Thanks very much!

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