Shuffle feature in Clip Jam mp3?

HI, I ave a Sandisk Clip Jam MP# Player. When I select shuffle, it is shuffling from different folders that i added. I want to just shuffle under the music folder, but it is grabbing from an other folder I created for an mp3 book that I loaded onto the Clip Jam.

Any advice?



There are two independent modes of Shuffle Play in the Clip Jam {and Clip Sport).

  1. When selecting the Music mode in the main memory, you can select Shuffle Play
    ->This mode clears itself every time you enter the Music mode.
  2. When selecting Artists, Albums, Songs, Playlists etc, you can select Shuffle play from the internal menu.
    INTERNAL MENU - Press the down button below the large center button.
    ->The choice of shuffle play from the internal menu will “stick” until you manually clear it.

Hi, Thanks for the reply. The problem I am having is not being able to shuffle a folder I added myself. The only solution I think is to manually add songs to a “go list” ?

I like to add music subfolders inside the Main Music Folder (internal memory or micro SD card).
For Shuffle Play of a Folder, try this method.
Select Folder Play Mode.
Select the one folder of interest.
Select one music file to play.
While the file is playing, press the “Down Button” (below the large oval button).
Select Shuffle=On.
This Shuffle=On mode will “stick” until you manually turn it Off.

Thank you so much. I didn’t know that by pressing down on the down button while a song was playing one could access the shuffle mode.

Thanks again!