"Music" category empty

Just replaced my Sansa Clip+ with the SanDisk Clip Jam. Moved my 32GB SD card over and plugged it in. The files are all present under the “Folder” view and I can listen to my music that way. But under “Music” there is nothing whatsoever. So no way to listen to all of my music automatically on shuffle. My music folders are categorised by artist so I would have to manually switch song on Folder view every time I wanted to change artist.

Also under the “SD card” view only a fraction of my songs are appearing for some reason.

Have updated to the latest firmware but still no luck.

Thanks in advance.

the internal database and external database are not combined in the clip Jam and the Sport. If all your music is on the card you will need to use the card or folders menu options to browse the files. 

Maybe an owner of an older Clip+ model and a Clip Jam can tell us if the music library indexing file created by one player on a micro SD card can be immediately used by the other player.

      I am guessing the music library file will not be functional in a different generation of a SanDisk device.

     (Even though the audio files could be totally compatible; if no DRM.)