Random play of playlist items?


This seems like a stupid question, but I can’t figure out how to do this on my clip. 

Having used ipods for a while, you could simply click the play button on a select playlist, and if the shuffle was on, you would get a random song from that playlist straight away.

On the clip, it seems I have to go to Music -> Playlists -> <playlist name> -> Pick the first song in the playlist -> Click next track in order to get a random song. Surely I’m doing something wrong?

There is a play all option in the Music menu which works how I’d like the playlist playback to work, but that covers all the music on the clip, and not just whats in my playlist.

There’s probably a really obvious solution, please help me :slight_smile:

That’s also how I do it. There’s no other way to start a playlist; you have to select a song.

It would be a nice addition, though, to add some menu options for the playlists, like:

  • View : show the list of songs (the only available option currently)
  • Play all : turn suffle off and start playing from the first song
  • Suffle all : turn suffle on and automatically select a random song
  • Delete playlist : (we can already delete songs, so why not playlists as well.)

Not a stupid questions at all.  If you ask me it’s a stupid function since it doesn’t work like a Shuffle.  You should be able to turn Shuffle ON and click Play and the songs should play randomly.  I think I wasted my money on this thing.  My main purpose in buying it was to load songs for my car.  How am I going to drive and pick the next song each time? 

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BadGad, you can turn shuffle on and let the songs play randomly. It wouldn’t make much sense to have a shuffle option if we had to skip the songs ourselfs. :stuck_out_tongue:  The only “problem” is that you have to select a song to start from. Perhaps it would be easier, from a usability point of view, to skip the file selection step when shuffle is on.

Other than minor details like this, the Clip is a great player: the interface is very well thought out and the sound quality tops everything I’ve heard so far.

The good definitely outweighs the bad with the clip (and there isn’t much bad IMO apart from this!).

Is the kind of functionality I’m after available on the Fuze, or does that have the same problem?

Is this something we can suggest to Sansa techs to implement in a firmware upgrade? I’m sure it’s quite do-able.

I still don’t get why this bothers you. How is selecting the first song to play a bad thing? It plays perfectly fine in Shuffle after that. If you select an Artist for example, you can press “Play All” and it will select a random first song too.

I agree with Pyrazol, this isn’t a really big issue.

Also for playlists I forgot to mention that you can select the first song and then immediately skip it. This way you’ll get a random one and won’t have to always start listening from the first.

I thought the whole point of playlists was to not rely on the vagaries of “shuffle” but just hear the songs you wanted…and now someone wants to shuffle a playlist? I’m confused :neutral_face:

@marvin_martian wrote:
I thought the whole point of playlists was to not rely on the vagaries of “shuffle” but just hear the songs you wanted…and now someone wants to shuffle a playlist? I’m confused :neutral_face:

I have a number of large genre oriented playlists that I play on shuffle.  It’s actually the main way I listen to the player.

However, I agree it’s not a big deal to just hit skip once to start the random playback.  Pick the playlist, pick the first song, hit skip.  No big deal.

The only problem with this method is that you’ll never hear that first song unless you also have repeat on.  My understanding of shuffle is that it creates a random listing of all tracks that appear when you hit select and by going to the second track in this shuffled list you’ll miss the first one every time.  If you turn shuffle off and then back on you should get a new list with the current track as the first in the random list and the first track will show up later in the random list. 

When you pick the first song, it becomes the first song in the virtual playlist created by shuffling.  If you skip to the next song, and keep skipping, you’ll eventually hit that first song once all of the others have played.  At that point, the list should shuffle again.

I think that the Sansa method of shuffling works fine.  You can select a song from a playlist to play, without cancelling the shuffle.  Want to hear one song from that list, then a random choice?  That’s what it does.  It doesn’t take much more to pick a song, then skip to get some other random song by pressing just one more button.

You can also go back to your first song, or to the previous shuffled song, if you want to hear a song again.  This is a nice feature on the clip.

Picking a different song each time you have shuffle on gives a different playlist each time I’ve found.

Cool, thanks for the tip.  That way you can start your new shuffled playlist with a chosen song, nice.   :smiley: