Sansa Clip shuffle mode

I currently have a Sony MP3 player but I am thinking of getting another one due to a “problem” with it.

In “shuffle” mode it will play songs in random order but it seems like it repeats the same song order the next time I use it after turning it off.

For example it will play songs 3, 6, 1, 8, 2, 4. After turning it off after song 4 when I turn it on again it plays the same (albeit “random”) sequence in the same order.

So I end up hearing the same few songs over and over.

This brings me to my question. Does the Clip do the same thing or does it start with a new random sequence or pick up with the random sequence it ended with if you know what I mean.

BestBuy has the 4Gig Clip for $50 (HH Gregg is selling the 2Gig model for the same price ???) and I’ll probably get it if the shuffle mode is truly a shuffle mode.


I haven’t experimented with mine enough to know the answer to your shuffle question, but Walmart has the 8GB Clip for $50, if you can find it.

If you have a Wal-Mart near you, even better:  the stores (not online) have the 8gb Clip for $49.

Thanks for the 2 tips about WalMart.

Wondered if it was an in-store only deal. Just checked on-line and didn’t see it. Will have to stop in, wouldn’t mind getting the 8Gig for the same price!

I got mine on Tuesday, with any luck you’ll find one.

Clip shuffle is fairly random.  It is easy to test out using a short playlist.   The shuffle creates a sort of temporary playlist when you have shuffle on and select a song from the list.  It persists until you reach the end of the list, all songs on the list having played, or until you select a new song.  You can turn the Clip off and it will resume on the same song and continue, not playing a repeat song from earlier, thus letting you hear every song on the list once while shuffling before hearing a repeat.

I use my clips on shuffle often, and don’t run into obvious patterns of song sequences.  The no repeat per session ensures that you don’t hear the same song twice in a short time, and the persistent structure lets you go back to a previous song.  

Thanks for the reply. It sounds like the Clip shuffle mode works better than the Sony.

Picked up the 8Gig Clip at WalMart this morning…$49 + tax.

The lady who waited on me didn’t seem to know about the lower price. Had to get one out of the case and scan it to see what price came up.

Thanks to gwk1967 and Miikerman for the heads up on the WalMart deal.

Cool for you, in getting twice the deal you thought was possible!

And it’s sometimes great when the sales staff itself doesn’t know about the deal–keeps them from buying all the items themselves, or from there otherwise being a rush on the item (in my store the sale price wasn’t marked either).