Quick question regarding shuffle

I’m considering purchasing a Clip+, but haven’t actually tested one so I need to ask a question that people who already have one can answer easily for me.  When you have shuffle activated, what behaviour does the player use?  Does it select a random song every new track?  Does it make a playlist of your songs in a random order?  If yes, is it always the same random order?

Years ago, I had a Rio Forge that would randomize your playlist, and once it played through the list once, it would make a new random list for you.  That’s basically the behaviour that I’m looking for.  I prefer to be able to go back to the song that played 2 songs ago, but also not know what song is going to come up next.

I realize that this is a somewhat trivial question, but it’s important for me to find a player that behaves the way I want it to.

Thanks in advance!

106 views, and over a month go by, and no one can help me?  Very disappointing.  Sorry to have wasted your time.

Really, dude/dudette, chill some …   ;)    Did you telephone SanDisk customer service (toll-free) with your question (and then post the answer here)?

I don’t really know what the Clip does internally and invisible to the user when you turn the shuffle on (the reason I didn’t post an answer–I thought others might know better). 

Having said that, I experimented, and each time shuffle was turned on, songs played back in a different order. 

Also; it seems to be that the player may be making a playlist when shuffle is turned on, as you can go backwards and get the songs that played previously.  E.g. 1 - 9 - 4, then backwards-seeking to 9 - 1.

Finally, after playing through the music, the player seems to start again with a new, unique shuffled list.


Thank you very much, Mikerman.  =)  That’s precisely what I was looking for.  My apologies for being snarky back there.  Cheers!