Shuffling: Previous Song (Help)

I just purchased the 2GB Clip today and I am fairly happy except for one MAJOR drawback: Shuffling!

I like to keep my playlists on random, even if the normal play style is sorted alphabetically by song-title. (Which makes it feel random until you repeat: Personally, I feel sorting by Artist first would make more sense).

Anyways, I would like to know if there’s a way to allow the player to play previous songs heard?  As it stands now, while on random, pressing previous will not move backward, instead selecting a new song: the same as moving forward.  This is extremely frustrating because I’m often inclined to listen to the same song.  Even my “OLD” 256mb MuVo NX player had this feature, and trust me when I say old.  I’ve tried stopping near the end of the song so that I could start it over, but, there is no option to do this either.

Is there something I am missing or a way around this problem?  Or maybe a firmware update in the works to address the issue?  I really don’t want to return the product to the store, but I fear that might be my best course of action.

Thanks for your time in advance and I apologize if I sounded pessimistic, its just a basic feature I *very* much need, especially when there is so much other fluff.

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The next release has this feature,  thanks!

Its due within 2 weeks. 


I believe this may be a feature of the upcoming firmware upgrade (out this week or next)?  But don’t hold me to that …

Wow! That was a quick response, and thank you for taking the time to answer my posting.  I am estatic to hear this, because I really love the player in every other aspect.  I can’t wait, thanks again! :slight_smile: