Feature Request: Previous Track

Please think about changing the “Previous Track” button to go back to the last track played even when Random mode is on.  I don’t know how many times I’ve been skipping through tracks looking for something to listen to, and think “Oh, that’s a good song,” just as a click the button to play the next song.  I know, I could slow down abit, but sometimes I’m a little impatient…

I’ll second this. It’s on my list of things I wish every player could do, because often I’ll play a song, go on to the next, then either want to play the previous one, or just check out its info so I can find it again (or add it to go list or such).

The Sansa Express does it, though the implementation is different and perhaps not perfect yet. It doesn’t go back just one track. Shuffle mode creates an internal shuffled playlist, which persists as long as you’re in shuffle mode on the same music grouping.

I don’t know that the Clip needs to do it that way – it must take up some memory to do it, and I don’t normally care to go back more than one or two songs. One is probably enough. Plus while it makes for guaranteed play every song once list, it might also, with imperfect “random” shuffling, repeat patterns of songs rather than being totally random.

Good suggestion.  Its on my list.


I too would like this.  Even if it just keeps track of maybe the last 3 songs played, that would be sufficient.