Shuffle problems

I have a 2gb Clip. That’s great, indeed, but there is a problem with the shuffle mode.
I’ve in there about 400 song and I usually select “Play all” in shuffle mode in order to listen to all my music.
Actually it plays some songs really often and other songs quite never. It do it with the same songs always.

The firmware is the .20 version, is there anyting to do?


Make sure you don’t have both Shuffle and Repeat on at the same time.  Mine acted that way at first, but once I quit using the Repeat option, it started shuffling pretty good.

Thank you, but that’s not my problem :wink:

I noticed that adding or removing some files changes the random “pattern”, so I guess it’s something related not to the filenames but to the file number. I guess…

When you enable Shuffle on different files it will play a completely different order. Same issue and fix for the E200 series.

 Hope it helps ! :smiley:

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Sorry I don’t understand.
Should I enable the shuffle when listening to a random song chosen by me?
I’ll try :slight_smile:

Works! Thank you!!

I have noticed this, too.  It behaves this way in .18 and .20.  I can’t remember about .11.


In my opinion, the “shuffle” just isn’t satisfactory.

It’s ok to have this “shuffle”, if somebody wants to call it that, in which some of the tracks play many times and others not at all. I don’t mind. Maybe this is charming, interesting or even useful to somebody. 

I want a genuinely random sequence. We might call it “random” to distinguish it from “shuffle”. “Random” would play all the songs in a random order and then repeat or start a new random sequence.  

I have multiple Sansa Clips. 

‘Shuffle’ should be indistinguishable from ‘random’ to the users, in the sense that the only difference is pre-planning. ‘Shuffle’ creates a randomized playlist from every track, while ‘random’ selects a random track after every song or when ‘skip’ is pressed. But almost every device I’ve used with a ‘shuffle’ setting (various MP3 players) seems to display a marked preference for some tracks over others. No idea why. I don’t own one yet, but at least the Clip sounds like it shuffles decently when a user pre-selects the first track of the list. Still, there’s no reason for a shuffled playlist to be anything less than totally random. iTunes fails in a similar way, but at least it lets you state a preference for less-frequently-played tracks.

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Upgrade to version .30 firmware the shuffle is better.

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