shuffle algorithm changed with .20A firmware?

I have a 4gb sansa clip that shipped with the V01.01.18 firmware.

When I played “play all” in shuffle mode, I noticed a few songs that came up over and over. Not repeatedly when on the same continuous-play cycle, but if I’d switch out of shuffle mode to listen to a single album, and switch back to shuffle and “play all” I’d go through a cycle of the same few songs. This was rather annoying and a poor shuffle algorithm.

However, since updating to the new V01.01.20A firmware, I haven’t noticed this issue anymore. I haven’t used shuffle on “play all” as much recently, but it seems that I’m not getting a repition of the same songs anymore.

Did the new firmware change the shuffle algorithm? 

Shuffle is getting better- there’s one more step left.  With a little luck (and a bag of Fritos) we’ll have news at the next update or so.  The current shuffle “clones” the FF / REW buttons, skipping to the next random song.

I agree, the play all > shuffle is a popular mode.

Bob  (Clip’s playing now)  :smileyvery-happy: