How do I start new playlists on my Sansa Clip?

The playlists are not cooperating with me, and I am confused.

I have a few different playlists of about ten songs each loaded onto my Sansa Clip.  Using the Playlists menu, I choose the first track of Playlist 1.  It starts out playing just fine, but soon I want a change of pace so I decide to start Playlist 2.   Using the menu just like before, I choose the first track of Playlist 2.  That track plays just fine, but then the Clip immediately switches back to where it used to be in Playlist 1.  I don’t want to hear Playlist 1 anymore, I want Playlist 2!

I try turning the thing off and also resetting it, but the Clip remembers that it used to be playing Playlist 1 and keeps on playing.  No matter how many times I go into the menu and try to start a different playlist, it just plays one song and then goes back to Playlist 1.  This is frustrating.  I’m a big dude, and apparently I can’t coerce this tiny device into playing the music I want.  

I got upset and plugged the Clip into my computer, and deleted all the songs in Playlist 1 along with the list itself.  Turn everything back on and use the menu to choose Playlist 2, and it is working fine.  Then when I decide to listen to Playlist 3, the exact same thing happens; it plays the first song of Playlist 3 and then immediately goes back to its position in Playlist 2.  

Aside from deleting all my files, how can I convince the Sansa Clip to stop playing whatever list it is on and start playing a new list?  I’m going crazy here.

Voodoo Count 

OK, I figured this out all by myself!  It all has to do with the location of my playlists.  I had my music organized into a few folders, each folder would have a few songs and then a playlist that contained them.  If I played the playlists from these folders I would get the weird glitch where I would be stuck in the first list I chose.

I moved all of the playlists to the Clip’s Playlist folder. and now I’m not being stuck in them.  Hooray!

So, great enlightened Sansa firmware programmers, you might want to look into why the Clip gets stuck in playlists when they are not in the special Playlists folder.  It’s really a small deal now that I know about it, but it did cause me a short period of grief as I struggled to make it all work.  I’m optimistic you’ll have it all under control when the next firmware comes out.

I ran into the same problem, with the same workaround.  You also could make a new folder for each .pla playlist.  .m3u playlists don’t seem to suffer from this issue.

Using the .29 current firmware, I haven’t noticed this problem.

Which playlist editor do you use??

I have the exactly same problem, that you had, using Winamp (5.541)… And Winamp does put the playlists into the “playlist” folder.