Problem with playlists (Clip 2G)

 Hi all, I have an older Sansa Clip 2G.  Lately (maybe because of the firmware update?) my Sansa is taking contents from one playlist and copying it to other playlists.  When I plug the Sansa into my computer, all my playlists show up fine.  When I unplug it, Playlist 1 with songs ABCD and Playlist 2 with songs EFGH, playlist 2 will contain songs ABCD.  Any other playlist I have is doing the same thing.  Any thoughts?

Dumb question, but did you try deleting your playlists, shutting down the Clip, turning the clip back on and making new playlists? I put all of my songs of type into a directory called “File Type 1” (example-name it something good), right click on it and choose “Create Playlist”, then name the playlist “File Type 1”. And have to do it everytime I add a new mp3.