Serious Sansa Clip Problems

I got my sansaclip around December last year and it was doing great for a while. However, upon removing it from its charging session the screen would not turn on. It is very difficult to get it to stay on and when you do it will still play music but there is no screen. My computer identifies the device but it instantly turns off once plugged in. I managed to get the screen to turn on and it seemed as though the menu worked but all of the words were jumbled up and just plain garbage. I had never updated the firmware since i bought it so i tried that but it hasn’t had any effect. Please help me revive my sansa clip.

Try a system reset (on switch uppermost for 15-20 seconds).  You then also could try a system reformat (under the Clip’s Settings–note that this will erase your content files).

Already filed for an RMA but thanks anyways :wink:

I would try the methods–could save you time and energy.