Sansa Clip Won't Turn On

My Clip won’t turn on. At first I thought it was just dead, so I put it on the charger. It charged as it usually does, but when I took it off it just went black. It didn’t do the thing where it says updating and then shows up on the main screen. I have charged it over night and it still won’t turn on. Could I get some help?

you can maybe try re-installnig the firmware, if that doesnt work, it sounds like a lemon. Thats just my guess.

You should try re-loading the firwmare (or switching to a previous one maybe). If that doesn’t work, I would assume its a lemon, but thats just my guess.

Did you try resetting?  Push the on switch up and hold it there for15 (or even 30) seconds.

You should check your port; Or if device doesn’t turn on after you plug the device to pc, push the button on several times.

good luck

What do you mean when you says it’s a lemon?

That it’s a defective unit.