Wont TURN ON and no space even tho there's no songs..

Hi. something’s wrong with my sansa clip. i’ve been using this since 11/24/07 only now my sansa doesnt turn on. I delete all my songs and start over new. for some reason my sansa clip wont turn on even after i charged it for a day. i deleted all my songs and added new ones from rhapsody. when i unplugged it; it didnt say refresh data like it always does. i tried turning it on but it didnt say anything. just nothing.

Try a forced reset -  Push up on the on switch and hold it there for 15 seconds.  then release.    then try turning it on.   Does the clip light up when plugged into the charger?   Is it charged?

no it’s charged. i charged it in my computer for a day. i used it for a year and 4 months now. it lights up wen it’s plugged but wen i take it out it just goes blank.

i tried it…it didnt work. it lights up when i plug it into the computer and it reads the sansa clip but when i take it out it goes completey blank. i try turning it on but it still doesnt work. is the battery dead??

Contact Sansa Support, or exchange it where you purchased.    It sounds simular to a problem where the battery wires disconnect internally, and if so it should be covered under warrenty.  

Let us know how what you end up doing to get it working,   Good luck :slight_smile: