Sansa Clip not responding

Plugged my clip into an Apple laptop to charge.  When I unplugged it, the blue light stayed on, and the Sansa verbage is on the screen and it wont continue thru to the menu.  I have to hold the switch up for quite a while to get it to shut off.  I’ve turned it on and off quite a few times and its still the same.  Tried all the buttons on the front, but nothing makes the screen change.  HELP

I am having the same exact problem. Any help is greatly appreciated

Reformat and update to the latest firmware.  Set MSC mode for the USB mode.

I called the support number - they walked me thru a few things - they had me move the switch on the left to the down position - then hold in the center button - and plug it into the computer - it started up - showed connected and my computer found it - then they had me download the new information - but unfortunately it locked it up worse - they sent me a prepaid return label and are sending me a new player