Sansa Clip+ not working properly

Hi I have a Sansa Clip+ 8GB that I have managed to reset but now will do nothing but display the blue sansa logo on the screen. I cannot get it to respond at all, only turn off and then have to reset to get it back on. When it is plugged in to charge, it doesnt throw up the yellow charging symbol and I cannot get it to be recognised by my computer. It might be that it is coming to the end of its life but has not been overly used. It is 2 yrs old and has not been used for at least the last 1yr.

Any help would be gratefully received! Fran.

By any chance, can youi reformat it from its Settings menu or, if not, through Windows? A format sometimes will fix matters (although, of course, it will delete your player’s media content).

Leave it on until the battery goes dead (this may take a day or two), then see if it will connect and start charging the battery (which may take a few minutes to initialize).

If you still have the Sansa Logo screen when disconnected from the computer, and it is regconized by the computer when plugged in, you may have to manually re-apply the firmware.