Sansa Clip + 2GB - display is fading and battery won't charge

I have a problem with my Sansa Clip + 2GB. One or two weeks ago display has started fading, but I have SC+ something like 2 years and it survived a lot, so I ignored it.
Unfortunately today battery has stoped charging. I plug it to PC, charging starts, but when SC+ is 100% connected, battery looks like full charged. When I unplug SC+, it don’t want to work. The only repair I made myself is soldering mini-jack connections.
Any suggest what can be a problem?

And you already tried a reset, right?

Have you tried resetting it by pressing and holding the power button for 20-30 secs? Release and then press the power button again momentarily to see if it will start up normally.

If the player is charged when connected to AC or the computer but shuts off when disconnected, it sounds like the battery is kablooey or a lead to the battery has come undone (a sometimes situation with the original Clip).  If handy, you could open the player up and check this out, and possibly reconnect the wire to the battery (soldering or with conductive glue).