Sansa Clip 2G stopped charging

My Sansa Clip 2G stopped charging.  I can still recognize it via my computer, and it can still sometimes be convinced to play music when connected to a USB charger.  However, even after being plugged in for hours on the charger, it still lacks sufficient charge to even power on.

Additionally, the battery icon displays empty with a slash through it.  I assume that means some sort of battery error, but have not been able to find any documentation on that symbol.  Also, when the Clip is plugged in to the charger, it does not indicate that it is actually charging.

When it is playing connected to the charger, it now intermittently turns off.

Also, this clip is at the most recent version of firmware – 1.01.32A, which is available , however indicates 1.1.35 is available.  Even so, I’m reluctant to attempt further firmware updates since I can’t get the battery above the recommended 50%.

Any ideas?  Is this the ‘fail to charge’ problem I’ve seen references to?  It seems to present differently than I’ve seen described.  



Is this an older player? Some of the early production units had faulty soldering on the battery terminal leads. If you’re adventurous and adept at soldering you can probably fix it yourself. The hardest part is getting the casing apart without either scratching the bejesus out of it or hurting yourself in the process.