Sansa Clip 2GB shows "Connected" when charger is plugged in

I have a Sansa Clip 2GB that is about 6 months old.  It played just fine for 5 months, but for the last month, it periodically quits playing and shows “Connected” when only the charger is plugged in.  I can sometimes turn it off and turn it back on and it will start to work again.  Then it will play for a while, sometimes a few minutes, sometimes a few days, and then stop playing again and show “Connected”.  When it is in this state it will charge but just not play.  I have tried 3 different chargers and all have the same problem eventually.  I have updated the firmware to 01.01.32 but no help.

Anyone know how to fix this?  TIA for any help.

You can try to format your device and make sure you have a backup of all teh songs and retransfer it again but for the charging part, try to charge it using the computer and try it again just to isolate issue.

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With the three different chargers, have you been using the same cable?  If so, try a different cable.

No, I used a charger that is only a charger, and then I used 2 different cables with the charger that takes a USB cable.  So, to be technically correct, I used 2 different chargers but 3 different cables.

Are you saying this only happens when you are playing with the charger plugged in, or does it just stop when running off the internal battery.

It only happens when it is playing with the charger attached, which is how it is supposed to be all the time.  I use this to play music thru powered speakers in my office so I leave the Sansa on 24x7 and just turn off the speakers when I go home at night.  It plays just fine off the battery with no issues.

Tried refomatting the Clip on Friday and reloading everything from PC, no good.  Still does it.  This thing is gonna find the bottom of the trash can pretty soon.

OK, here’s the latest, this problem is solved but it caused a new sorta related problem.  What I did was I deleted all my folders and just put all the songs in the “Music” folder.  This seems to have solved the problem where it shows “connected” and stops playing, however, now it plays a day or two and then pauses itself.  I just press “Play” and it starts going again, so this is not much more than an annoyance I can live with, and I could see where maybe it might do this on purpose after it has played all the songs, but why did it not do it this way when I first got it?  It played continuously day and night for months at first.  I am confused but I can at least live with the Clip now.

Remember, you have a 1-year warranty–you may want to use it (telephone SanDisk customer support).  It could be a chip issue.

You also could try, if not recently done:  a system re-set–Clip off, hold the on switch uppermost for 15-20 seconds; a reapplication of the firmware (it could have become corrupted over time)–see the sticky thread on firmware upgrade at the top of the forum; and/or a reformat, from the Clip’s settings (note:  this will erase your content on the Clip).