Sansa ! GB clip Power failure

Ok so i was listening to a song called “kokoro” by teto Kasane. Theb all of a sudden in the middle of nowhere it shut off. I thought the battery was just dead but i told myself that “i had my sansa clip on gthe computer all day before i took it off and used it. So i went to the sansa website and the same thing keeps telling me to do teh same thing over and over. The things they are telling me is to re-set teh system”, Let charge of the computer for approx: 2 hours" , “Upgrade the firmawre because your system may be out of date” or “Delete all of teh music on your MP3”

I’ve been doing the same 3 things for the past 4 hours now andnothing happens

As soon as I take it off of the charger the mp3 turns off and refuses to turn back on. There should not be anything wrong with it I’ve only hadit for 2 years now. I dont listen to it very much.

Is there anyway to fix this problem??

Thanks in Advance,


ok a new subject has came to my attention of my sansa clip

After I plugged it in after i erased everything it said “Firmware upgrade in process”

so after a few seconds I just waited and it said “upgrade complete” 

what do i do now because i was told by customer service it would turn right back on.

As i stated in the first post after i plug the Sansa clip in the the computer the screen turns on, but after i take it out it turns off and stays off

It is possible that one of the leads to your battery has become detached–hence, the power-off when you detach from your computer.

Some have had success in prying the Clip apart and then resoldering the lead (or glueing it back with conductive epoxy).

really??? but i dont wanna break it…im not really an expert at fixing things

DJwind wrote:
really??? but i dont wanna break it…im not really an expert at fixing things

Sounds like it’s already broken to me.

I’m not encouraging breaking the Clip open–it’s just that with power going off after you detach, that sounds like a bum battery lead …