Sequential disc playing

Hi everyone, I’m a new member here just having bought a Clip+ to listen to audio books. So far, the experience has been great, except for one little thing, which I’m sure is probably my fault.

Each book is sequential  and has both disc and chapter numbers in the file description. On an individual disc, each track plays sequentially OK. But at the end of a disc, I have to go back to the main menu to audio books , etc to the next disc. How do I get each disc to play automatically and sequentially?

Thanks everyone for your help.

As a general matter, the player controls itself via the ID3 tags for the files.  Make sure that the Album/Book ID3 tag for the files is identical (e.g. not including a Disk number, which would cause the player to think that this is a different book)–the player, then, should see all the files as from the same book and then will be guided by the track numbers in moving from one file to the next (and so, make sure that all the tracks, including from one disk to the next, are in a single sequential series).  I think that this should do it for you–

If you need a good ID3 tag editor, Internet freeware MP3Tag is highly regarded.

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Hi, thanks for your help. I will try that program out, but I have never experienced this problem before on other players.  I have used other Mp3 players, and bought this one for increased capacity I even tried listening to books I previously listened to on other players with the same disappointing results.

I am also now experiencing a second problem. The headphone jack cannot be pushed all the way in (included earphones + other models). And now the jack seems to be loosening so that when walking etc, the sound is intermittent. Is this a known problem? Does this necessitate replacement of the player for quality control issues?

Thanks for your help. Any ideas on these two problems would be appreciated.  

The headphone jack is very tight on new models. it’s possible you haven’t got it pushed all the way in. It helps to twist the plug while pushing. it will loosen up in time.