Question about eAudiobooks ....

I’m getting a message on my Clip “Synchronize to continue your music subscription.” when I try to open up an eAudiobook.

I downloaded the file from the library’s website and it came down as an .wma extension.

I downloaded it to my pc and copied it with Windows Explorer to the audiobooks directory on the Clip. This did not work.

I then tried downloading directly to the Clip. I got the same message. I tried bringing it down to the PC, then opening it up with Windows MediaPlayer and it started up on the PC. I then used the MediaCenter “copy to device” feature to move it to the Clip. This copied it over but I still get that message and the book won’t play.

Can anyone help? I’m probably missing something really simple. 

I just got my Sansa Cliip this week and this is the 1st time I’m trying to listen to a book. So far, the player has been working great.


OK for the Audiobook toplay on the device you MUST use MTP mode.

Make sure in Settings>USB MOde>  MTP or Autodetect is selected.

DRM protected files need the license to be synchronized.

Make sure you choose  “Sync”  using WMP11 . 


The auto detect did not seem to work, setting it manually did though.

I also upgraded from wmp9 to wmp11 and that allowed the file to be loaded. However, it showed up as a song and not an audiobook. I can at least listen to it now. The only drawback is that it will randomly play the book in shuffle mode with all the other songs.


When you transfer the book via Overdrive to the Clip, you need to choose Advance settings and create a folder within Audiobooks for your downloaded book. Otherwise, it will automatically be placed under Music.