problem seeing audio book files

I downloaded some audio book files from the Internet in .WMA format, and used Windows Explorer to copy them to my Sansa Clip, but I cannot get them to appear. I tried putting them in a subdirectory of the Music folder, as well as in the Audiobooks folder, but neither works. I also right-clicked over the Audiobooks folder in Windows Explorer, and selected “Create Playlist” from the pop-up menu, after which I was told that it was creating a playlist on the device. But my device still does not show the items.

I have the latest version of the firmware (.29). Any ideas about what I should do? Thanks.

My suggestion

  1. your Clip is in MTP mode,

  2. fw/hw problem *


* - firmware/hardware

Could you explain what MTP mode is, and why I would want that mode vs. another mode? Thanks!

Are you using Media Overdrive as the source of the files? If so, you can transfer the files directly from Overdrive. If you choose “Advanced”, you can put the book into the Audiobook folder. If you don’t, it will go in the Music folder.

Actually, I found the books. I found the audio books *under* Music in the Clip menu. I thought it would be parallel to Music (along with Voice and FM Radio). That doesn’t make too much sense since, when you select Play All under Music, it doesn’t play audiobooks or podcasts, even though those are listed under Music. But, anyway, the files are there, under Audiobooks.

But now I have a new problem. The Clip sees them as zero length files. It will attempt to play each one, but just skips through them, displaying a total play time for each of 0:00. If I play each file (WMA) in WMP, they play fine. 

It’s possible the WMA are either DRM protected or unsupported format of WMA. Normally if its DRM, the clip will display a message saying to synchronize to your computer. Since your clip skipped them, it may be unsupported format.

Anyways, try transfering the WMA audiobook using your WMP and see if WMP is converting them before transfer. if so they were not in a WMA format that clip supports. anyways after WMP finishes transfering, see if they play again.

Regarding earlier situation of finding the audiobook on your clip:

There are two things that causes any mp3 or wma to show up in the Audiobook node.

  1. it is placed in the audiobook folder.

  2. it has a Genre id3/metatag of “Audiobooks” (or “Audiobook” if the plural didn’t work)

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