Audio Books will not transfer

Trying to drag and drop an audio book down loaded from my local library to my Sansa 2GB (firmware 1.01.30A) I get the following message ''it is not possible to obtain device’s certificate. Please contact the device manufacturer for a firmware update or for other steps to resolve this problem."

When I try to use Microsoft Media player (V 11) It tell me ‘’ This device does not support synco of subscription content’’…

Audio book plays fine on laptop…Any ideas ?   Thank you…

What USB mode is the player in? MAke sure its in MTP mode (Not Auto or MSC) And try Windows Media Player again.

My library uses the Overdrive Console. If yours does (many do) you’ll have to download their software and use it to open books then transfer them to your Clip.

The whole thing has been pretty painless for me.

I do the drag and drop method for some books from Librevox where a lot of free books are available.


I rip audiobooks into an MP3 format and then create a playlist and drag an drop the whole mess to the playlist section of the Clip+ using Windows Explorer. HOWEVER, it took about 10 hours last time and it wasn’t even a large book. 

When I use Windows Media Player it syncs right away (minutes). This baffles me.

Is there something I don’t know about the technology iinvolved?

Don’t know - 10 hours isn’t typical.

I don’t mess with playlists, I correct the ID3 tags for “track numbers” so the files are sequential across CDs (using MP3Tag utility) and then drag & drop files into the \Audiobooks folder on the Clip+.  The copy is more on the scale of “minutes”.   It takes a bit longer copying files to the microSD card, but still not “hours”.  I leave my Clip+ in the USB Mode MSC, not auto-detect, or MTP, if that matters.

If you use playlists, do you still get the “Resume” feature of audiobooks? (like if you navigate away to play music, it remembers which track of the book you’re on when you return?)