Sense the players is WiFi and doesn't have a FM tuner, le...

Sense the players is WiFi and doesn’t have a FM tuner, let me undetstand I won’t be able to listen to my local FM radio stations?  Also I do have a yahoo ID but if I don’t want o join yahoo music will I still be able to listen to the internet radio?  And last if I am out and not at home where I have WiFi, my WiFi won’t work?

you can use your yahoo id to listen to streamed internet music.

your last question; not unless you have magic wifi that follows you everywhere. It should work at most hotsports, might not work at starbucks though… havent tried.

It is really sad that I cant use the Internet radio at various airports that provide free internet. If the airport requires a acceptance of an online user agreement, it wont work. Gee, so I guess I have to buy a subscription to T-mobile Hotspot and hope they have service at the airport I am layed over at. Or better, I just use it at home with my Wireless Router. Or maybe I just use my own computer. Nice Try San Disk

Yes, it is unfortunate that not all hot spots work with it.  Its been hit or miss when I travel. Fortunately, the hotels I stay at, and most importantly, my gym, are a go.

Check out the FAQs for full information on what WiFi is supported. But my wife loves it cause she doesn’t need a computer to load up her songs on the Connect and then play them from memory while sitting at the airport.