Connecting the connect to th internet?

I cant seem to find this in the faq so im gonna ask here. how exactly do i get the connect to connect to the internet radio and all that other stuff? Does it cost extra to connect it? (Besides my normal Charter internet fee.) and What do i need to connect it to the internet?

The device is not a browser-enabled device, but does allow you to connect to Yahoo Launchcast internet radio, and also to the Yahoo Unlimited music service, which, with an active To Go subscription, will allow you to download and music tracks to your device via WiFi.   Launchcast internet radio is free, but you will need to sign up for a Yahoo ID, available for free.   To listen to internet radio, or to download music to your player (if you get a subscription) you need an active WiFi connection.

Once you have an active WiFi connection, your device will download a firmware upgrade automatically, in 20-30 minutes.  It adds many music search features and adds a video player.

Sansa put together some videos that show how to setup and use the features you asked about, and more: