Does it only work with Yahoo?

I have read a few things online about the Sansa Connect and it seems really cool. I like the idea of steaming music wirelessly. The thing is, I do not have a Yahoo music account, is that the only way I can download music through WiFi? I tried searching online but couldn’t find anything. Is there a way for me to download or stream from a different site?


The only supported way I know of is via Yahoo! Music Unlimited. And if you do not currently have an account with Yahoo, you get a free 30 day trail with the connect. I was somewhat skeptical of subscription music services, but after using the connect I became a fan.

Thanks for clarifying. I wonder if there is a free trial of Yahoo Music. I’d like to check it out before I commit.

I believe you can still transfer subscription music to it other than yahoo but you have to transfer it thru MTP mode using its USB cable. If you wanna use the WiFi, you’re stuckd with yahoo. unless someone finds a way to hack the yahoo music service…

I was desperatly looking for a WiFi MP3 player to listen Internet Radio. When I saw the Sansa Connect, I thought great that’s what I want !
But, no, only “approved” radio (those on Yahoo) are available !!. Let’s imagine a TV stuck on BCC (I am in the UK). You want to watch ITV or SKY, you need another TV !
The interest of Internet Radio is that you can listen Japanese Radio if you want. Within Yahoo Music they are not ! They are not in the list.
So, bad luck, unless this “feature” is removed, I am still looking for an OPEN Wifi MP3 player ! I want to be able to listen ALL internet radio, not those selected for me.

I guess my response would to give Yahoo a try.  I love to explore different internet radio stations as much as the next person, but the richness of the integrated radio with the subscription music is worth the limitation.

If your only looking for a Wifi internet radio buy a Palm T/X and get Pocket Tunes.  You can recieve arbitrary internet radio stations.  However I don’t think you’ll like the experience as much as the Launchcast radio.

If you don’t use some subscription music service I would recommend that you do so.  I consider ITunes or other services where you can “purchase” your music to be the same as flushing your money.