I am considering the Sansa Connect, though I am not sure if I trust another sandisk product.  My E250 broke after 3 months.  Unfortunately, I invested a few months’ subscription to Napster and I have about 150 songs downloaded on Napster.  I liked the availability of such a huge music collection on Napster and I really don’t want to switch to Yahoo. 

Does anyone know if Sansa would be compatible with Napster?? 

About Yahoo - can you download other things, such as videos with an unlimited subscription price?  Can you do anything else with the Wi Fi?

All currently shipping Sansa’s support Windows Media DRM 10, meaning they all should support subscription music services, even the Connect. Yes, your Sansa Connect will work with Napster, but only via your PC. However, neither Napster or any other service beyond YMU, utilizes the Connect’s Wi-Fi services. The Connect’s Wi-Fi is only for use with YMU subscription service, LAUNCHcast Radio and Yahoo’s FLIKR Photo Service.

I think you can stream music videos, but I don’t think you can download them at all, even to the Connect.