I just purchased a Sansa Connect and have a question...

I was aware of the Yahoo unlimited to Go discontinuation.  I love the capabilities of the device (my brother and nephews all have one).  I have been told different things by Rhapsody when I called them yesterday and today.  I have been told that they support the Connect WIFI to go and I have been told that they don’t.  The third call I made to them says that they do support the WIFI service.  I was told by SANSA tech support that Rhapsody has horrible customer service.  Should I sign up for Yahoo to go, or Rhapsody to go?


sign up for yahoo! until its discontinued.     
i doubt that this player will support rhapsody, which is a shame :frowning:
they should let us keep all the stuff we’ve downloaded already though  

Some things to consider in making your decision:

If you sign up for Yahoo To Go, you will be able to enjoy the features of downloading songs on the fly while you are listening to Launchcast.  If that particular feature isn’t important to you then signing up for Rhapsody is probably the better choice because 1) Y! has stopped adding new music to their subscription service, so if you like the newer releases, Y! won’t have it, 2) even if you go with Rhapsody for your subscription music, you’ll still be able use the WFi feature with Y! Launchcast, you’ll just lose out on the downlod on-the-fly capability.   And there’s only 3-4 months until transition anyway.  I’ve been a longtime Y! subscriber, so I’m going to wait it out just so I don’t have to recreate my subscription library manually.

As far as the player itself, there was a post from SanDisk today saying that they intend to support the player, but that not all terms of the deal and what will be allowed has been worked out.  My opinion is that the Connect will be updated to support the new service. The question is, who’s streaming music (internet radio) source will be used - Y! Launchcast or Rhapsody?   Rhapsody subscription music will be integrated with Y!'s web site, and Launchcast will still exist, but Rhapsody has streaming stations, too.  My personal hope is that, however it gets worked out, that the music discovery features and the subscription download on the fly feature integrated with the streaming radio is preserved.  It is a feature combo that nobody has ever even come close to offering, and it is awesome!

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nixonsdouble wrote:

 I was told by SANSA tech support that Rhapsody has horrible customer service. 

Really?  That would be an amazingly unprofessional thing to say.  Though if Rhapsody tech support really claimed that they support “Connect WiFi To Go”, as opposed to just “the Connect” (i.e., you can sync Rhapsody songs onto the Connect), it’d also be a true thing to say.

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