transfering via wifi

does anyone know if sansa connect is available in canada. I have a yahoo to go sub and when i zing a song from yahoo radio it says i need to be be yahoo to go subscriber. emailed yahoo and sansa and have not heard anything back.

also, does anyone know if it’s possible to transfer music from a computer via a wireless connection instead of having to hook it up to the pc.


The To Go service is available in the US only due to music licensing restrictions.  See notice at the bottom of this page:

You cannot use WiFi to transfer between your computer and the Connect.  You must use the USB cable.

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Apparently, you and I are the only Canadians with the Connect. :wink:

It’s very frustrating because when I purchased it at a Canadian retailer, it just listed all the features and said a “To Go” account was needed which I have.

You’ll find that the Yahoo! service your Connect goes to will not recognize your Canadian “To Go” account.
You can search for music and browse artists etc… but you can’t download ANYTHING .
Even worse, you can’t skip tracks on any Launchcast stations.

I have talked to Sansa support on phone and they essentially said that they can’t control Yahoo!'s service and can only help with hardware which I can’t argue with.

I have tried Yahoo! support via e-mail and they might be the worst customer support I have ever dealt with.
I didn’t even get as far as a rep who knew what the Connect was before they told me they could offer no further information.

I think if you knew someone with a US address and credit card who signed up from the link posted in the message above, it might work but I’m not sure.

You can read my earlier thread on this here:

I did have the option of returning the device when I discovered this but truthfully, I’m pretty impressed with this player even with the limited features available to us. I really can’t believe this thing did not sell better. It blows away anything else I have seen.

Of course, I really REALLY want to get all the features working so if you find an actual phone number for Yahoo! Canada support or find more info, please post back in this thread. I’ll do the same. btw, I’m in Winnipeg.


If you have a USA based Yahoo! account, the Sansa Connect will use that account. The features will sork if you travel outside the USA.