Questions Regarding Internet Radio

Just got my Sansa Connect and I love it!!!:smileyvery-happy:

Couple questions though…

Is there anyway to listen to your favorite Yahoo internet radio stations when you’re not connected to wifi?

In other words, will the player automatically download songs which appear in say the ‘Adult Alternative’ station so you can listen to the station when you don’t have an internet connection.  

If not for the regular stations, what about the personal station you can build with the yahoo music player on your laptop/desktop.


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You can download a bunch of songs from that station while you are connected to WiFi.  You can also create playlists of the genre you’re interested in using YMJ.  Lastly you can create mix lists using your device.  This will create a random playlist of songs from a particular genre.  For details on how to do this, check the Sansa Connect manual.  

A Yahoo! Unlimited To Go account is required to do any of these. 


Thanks for the info!

So I take it you can only make playlists on YMJ, not on the Sansa Connect itself.

You can make playlists on your device, but you wouldn’t be the one choosing the songs… Sounds weird huhh?  Here’s why…

You can create a mixlist on the device using the “ZING–>Make a Mix like this song” option.  You must be streaming internet radio to do this.  A mixlist containing a random amount of songs will be downloaded to your device.  Select the mixlist in your music library, and then hit “Options–>Save as playlist”.  You will now have that mixlist converted to a playlist.  To be honest though, you can just leave the mixlist as it is and enjoy it that way.  It will act as a playlist. 


Here is some more info about playlists and mixes.  Yes, you need to create all your playlists in YMJ.  All playlists are saved on your computer and on the Y! server.  There are two ways to use the playlists.  If you have an active WiFi connection, you can listen to your playlists without having the music resident on your Connect.  To do this, go to the “Get More Music” menu on your Connect and select My Yahoo Playlists.  From the options menu, select Refresh Categories.  This will download the playlist(s) to your Connect.  When you select a playlist, the music on the list will be streamed via WiFi, like happens when listening to Internet Radio.  This works if you have a Y! Unlimited To Go subscription.

The other method is to download the playlists you created AND the music tracks on the playlist to your Connect via USB.  The playlists will appear under Music Library > Playlists and Mixes.  You can use these playlists without a WiFi connection, provided the music tracks are resident on your Connect. 

On a related note, if you have a WiFi connection and a Y! Unlimited To Go account, you can take advantage of creating mixes based on a song you’re currently listening to.  The song can be resident on your Connect or can be a song you’re listening to via Internet Radio.  During the song, click on the Zing menu and select “Make a Mix like this Song”.  The Connect will, via WiFi, download songs that are similar to the song you’re listening to, usually 10-15 tracks, and place them in Muisc Library>Playlists and Mixes.  This is one of my favorite music discovery features.